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LITTER BOX De-Odorizer, Cat Urine odor eliminator
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LITTER BOX De-Odorizer, Cat Urine odor eliminator
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LITTER BOX De-Odorizer, Cat Urine odor eliminator
LITTER BOX De-Odorizer, Cat Urine odor eliminator
LITTER BOX De-Odorizer, Cat Urine odor eliminator
LITTER BOX De-Odorizer, Cat Urine odor eliminator

LITTER BOX De-Odorizer, Cat Urine odor eliminator

100% Money Back Guarantee

Safe for pets, humans and the environment.

Keeps litter box, your home and your surrounding smelling fresh!

Does not stain floors and furniture.

Quickly and effectively eliminates smells of cat urine and feces from litter box, floors, furniture. Removes odors of cat spraying and any pet pee accidents.

Works with any cat litter, prolonging its useful life and saving you money in the long run.

Makes it easier for your cat to use the litterbox instead of your shoe - cats hate urine smell more than the humans do and will refuse to use a smelly box.

Made from a custom blend of natural minerals, no irritating scents added. SAFE for your house and everyone in it - pets, children and their grown-ups. Never tested on animals, and safe for the environment.

EASY TO USE: Just sprinkle the granules on the affected area,, and add them to the litter box with every litter change.

FAST ACTING: The unpleasant smells should be gone or greatly diminished within the first 24 hours

USE EVERYWHERE - HOME, CAR, BOAT, RV, BUSINESS - effective in any kind of setting, for most bad smells, including mystery smells!

FREE SHIPPING in the Continental US.

ELIMINATES ODORS of pets and other bad smells. Use it on pet beds and their favorite urinating spots. Works well on tough, set-in stains (it won't remove the stain but it will make the smell disappear). Removes smells of pest infestations after exterminators visits.

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Why were there so many delays? This is unlike your brand.

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